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As an A&P you do not get any credit for theory!!! 
You mast pass exams in all 13/14 modules! 

You will get for your work experience which you must prove 
when you are applying for the licence, after havving passed the theory! 

Here is how to get your EASA part 66 B1, B2 or CatA licence!

Here is a UK-CAA overview of the licence!
But as your experience is there, you can look in your FAA books,
maybe you need to get the latest books and / or buy the electric
books , and have a quick brush up of what you have once studyed.
I will coach you to your licence in a quick way!
Brush up your knowlege by exercising test questions......

You should have some books or equivalents.
You must study the subjects from the syllabus.
When you have got any questions or have completed your module you contact me.
I will give you some questions, where you can prove your knowledge.
Later on you will get many multiple choice questions to exercise similar test
as you must do at the CAA office.
Before you can go to the CAA for tests you must apply for the exams.
This of course costs money as you can see on the CAA pages.
See here for approximate costs over the entire study period!  

More questions? - Please read my Frequently Asked Questions!  

I charge £50 , 50€ or 80 USD per module.
All 13/14 B2/B1.1 modules cost 350€  or £350 
Including essay training!
B1 & B2 exam preparation costs 400 Euro or £400 !

Email to register  jarman@jar66.de

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