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EASA part 66 Books

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Technical aviation books:
AMT, A&P and Part-66 US books  <>  JAR66 UK books <> JAR66 books France  <>  Part 66 books Germany   

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Set of Books for the EASA part 66 Licence:  

How will you get your EASA part 66 / JAR-66 Licence? & What is coaching?

Conversion B1 to a full B2  <>  Conversion B2 to full B1 

How to get an A&P License    <>   The easy way for A&P's to get a JAR-66 License   <>  Aviation Links!

The first books written for JAR-66 / EASA part 66 exam are on the market:
Aircraft Engineering Principles  by Lloyd Dingle, Mike Tooley       - for modules 1,2,3,4 & 8
Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems: Principles, Operation and Maintenance - for M5,11 &13 avionics
Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems - for Maintenance EASA/JAR avionics modules 11 & 13
Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Operation Mike Tooley M3,4,5,11,13 

Aircraft CertificationA Guide to Understanding JAA, EASA and FAA Legislation Standards  -  M10

EASA part 66 A, B1 and B2 Licence Training Site is & !

General EASA part 66 A, B1, B2 licence information!        Exams you must pass!          

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1. Mathematics <> 2. Physics

 3. Electrical Fundamentals  <>   4. Electronic Fundamentals

5. Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems

6. Materials and Hardware  <>  7. Maintenance Practices

 8. Basic Aerodynamics <> 9. Human Factors  <>  10. Aviation Legislation

11. Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

12. Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

13. Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

14. Propulsion   <>  15. Gas Turbine Engine

16. Piston Engine <>   17. Propeller  <>  Essays